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Silabur Cave – The Jade Cave of Sarawak

The caves of Silabur are amongst the most beautiful anywhere and belong on the list of places you must see before you die! Through cracks and holes in the cave ceiling, sun rays are channelled into the cave and illuminate the cave walls. Depending on the intensity and angle of the sun rays hitting the jade-like surface of the cave walls, they seem to shine in different colours of green, blue and purple. A truly enchanting and breath-taking spectacle of nature!

Mulu National Park – Caves & Pinnacles

Discover the outstanding natural wonders of Mulu! From lush primary rainforest with an incredible biodiversity, to one of the world’s largest cave systems underneath, this national park never ceases to amaze its visitors. And the challenging trek to the Pinnacles, a series of 45 meter high razor-sharp limestone spikes, which tower majestically above the surrounding forest, offers the adventurous traveller a breathtaking experience.

Adventure Caving – Big spaces & cool streams

This cave is huge, the chambers incredible and the calcite beautiful. Add to all that the extensive biodiversity and you have an amazing adventure in store.

Visit of the Bau caves – The Wind & Fairy caves

Named after a cool breeze that can be felt in certain parts of the caverns, Wind Cave is home to bats, swiftlets and other cave dwellers. Whereas the much higher Fairy Cave houses several stalagmites that resemble humans or animals and have been subject of many fairy tales and legends.