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Our Projects

BORNÉO À LA CARTE has devoted itself to act sustainable in the sense of social & economic responsibility and the protection of the environment. Therefore, in line with our ethical charter to operate our tours with respect for the nature and the dignity of the people involved, as well as to engage local suppliers to generate economic benefits for them, we launched several sustainability projects. With these projects we aim to further increase our support for local communities as well as our contribution to the conservation of the environment. And you can do your part too! Have a look at our projects!

Carbon footprint offset

No matter how responsible and concerned about the environment we try to be when travelling, we always leave a carbon footprint. Since tourism activities are not possible without carbon emissions, the best compromise travellers can make is trying to offset their carbon footprint. BORNÉO À LA CARTE is collaborating with an organisation called “Rescuing Borneo” to set up tree planting projects. With these projects we offer you the chance to balance the negative impacts and offset the carbon footprint travelling causes by having trees planted!

Reusable drinking bottles

Minimizing negative impacts on the environment has always been one of our concerns. One of the big environmental issues nowadays is plastic waste and single-use plastic bottles are a main contributor to the problem. Therefore, BORNÉO À LA CARTE offers reusable stainless-steel bottles! 


BORNÉO À LA CARTE created an array of beautiful postcards, boasting the colourful kaleidoscope of Sarawak’s people, nature and places of interest. For every postcard sold, parts of the proceeds will either be donated to the local community represented in the picture or to a local environmental NGO. So by sending one of our postcards to your friends and family you will put a smile on the face of the recipient of the postcard, as well as the recipient of the financial contribution at the same time!

Our boutique

Are you looking for a nice souvenir, a small present for your loved ones or a little gift for the neighbour who waters your plants and feeds your cat? BORNÉO À LA CARTE has set up a small boutique, offering local craftsmen and artisans, small enterprises, as well as NGOs the opportunity to display their products such as handicrafts, books and many more. Come and browse through the wide array of items for sale!