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1/2 Day

Mangrove Cruise

Embark on a cruise along the mangrove-lined estuaries of the Santubong and Salak rivers in search of wildlife such as the rare Irrawaddy dolphins, as well as the odd-nosed proboscis monkeys.

Night walk at Kubah National Park

A hike through equatorial rainforest with its mind-blowing flora and unique fauna is a stunning experience. But to explore the rainforest at night time is something else! An experience not to be missed!

Flavours of Kuching – A culinary exploration

Malaysia boasts an exotic tropical flora & fauna, a multi-cultural population of diverse ethnic groups and a unique history, especially the Malaysian state of Sarawak. All these influences are reflected in Sarawak’s caleidoscope of food and flavours.

Night City Tour by Bicycle

Enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride around Kuching’s city centre and learn about its various facets. As the sun starts to set, you will get to see Kuching in a different light, with breathtakingly beautiful skies.

Visit of the Bau caves – The Wind & Fairy caves

Named after a cool breeze that can be felt in certain parts of the caverns, Wind Cave is home to bats, swiftlets and other cave dwellers. Whereas the much higher Fairy Cave houses several stalagmites that resemble humans or animals and have been subject of many fairy tales and legends.

Sarawak Cultural Village

This living museum gives an insight into the culture and tradition of the 7 major ethnic groups of Sarawak. Visitors will get an idea what life in Sarawak was like in the olden days thanks to replicas of longhouses and other traditional housing, as well as demonstrations of daily activities.

Semenggoh Nature Reserve – Borneo’s red apes

Borneo is one out of only two places in the world where orang utans exist in the wild. At Semenggoh Nature Reserve you get the rare chance to see some semi-wild orang utans that had been rescued as orphans or confiscated from illegal pet trade and underwent rehabilitation training in order to have a chance at life in the jungle again.

Kuching city tour

The best way to explore the city centre of Kuching – with its historical buildings, traditional temples and small hidden alleys – is on foot and accompanied by a guide. It is thanks to your guide’s explanations, that you will slowly realise how multi-faceted Sarawak is, with all its various races, cultures and religions living together peacefully.