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4 Days - 3 Nights

Bidayuh village stay – Meet Sarawak’s native Land-Dayaks

BORNÉO À LA CARTE is collaborating with several Bidayuh communities in different regions and arranges exciting overnight stays to immerse into the daily life of Sarawak’s native Land-Dayaks. During our tours you get to explore a Bidayuh village and its surroundings, learn about their culture and taste the native food. Local homestays in the villages provide accommodation as well as delicious home-cooked meals. You will also have the opportunity to join the villagers in daily activities like craft-making and/or farming or learn about the local cuisine while preparing meals for the family together with your host.

Sibu & Mukah – Central Sarawak Explorer

Discover a less visited part of Sarawak! From Sibu, the gateway to Sarawak’s interior, you will travel off the beaten tracks to a Melanau village. The Melanaus are one of the most celebrated ethnic tribes in Sarawak, known for their gentle, loving nature and seafaring skills.

Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Tanjung Datu & Gading National Park – Sarawak’s wonderful flora & fauna

Lush green rainforest, pristine beaches fringing turquoise-blue sea, cascading waterfalls and stunning animal encounters – this package offers nature at its best for the adventurous travellers seeking an off-the-beaten track experience!

Ulu Ai – In search of wild orang utans

The area of Ulu Ai is adjacent to the Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to the biggest population of wild orang utans in Sarawak. Together with the Indonesian Betung Kerihun National Park it forms the largest trans-border national park in Borneo.

Iban longhouse experience, mountain trekking & jungle camping

Spend two nights in an authentic Iban longhouse to immerse yourself in the communal lifestyle, embark on a challenging trek to the summit of the mystical mountain of Bukit Sadok and camp a night out in the jungle. A truly unforgettable experience!

Mulu National Park – Caves & Pinnacles

Discover the outstanding natural wonders of Mulu! From lush primary rainforest with an incredible biodiversity, to one of the world’s largest cave systems underneath, this national park never ceases to amaze its visitors. And the challenging trek to the Pinnacles, a series of 45 meter high razor-sharp limestone spikes, which tower majestically above the surrounding forest, offers the adventurous traveller a breathtaking experience.