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Birdwatching excursions

With more than 650 recorded species of birds, Borneo is a real birdwatcher’s paradise. The state of Sarawak is home to an extensive portion of Borneo’s exotic birds, including many endemic species which are only found here.

Traditional crafts of Borneo

Spend a day with local artisans of your choice to gain a better knowledge and appreciation of Borneo’s traditional crafts and get an in-depth experience of the life of the natives.

Special interest tours

Borneo is a treasure trove for special interest tours! Whether you are into photography of any kind, birdwatching, herping, botany, geology, anthropology, history or architecture, the team of BORNÉO À LA CARTE will arrange a suitable tour programme led by a specialist.

Expedition into the Bornean rainforest

A rare chance of joining a naturalist on a rainforest expedition in Borneo! Travel deep into the interior, meet the natives, camp in the jungle and discover a myriad of interesting flora & fauna species!

Precious memories

Whether it’s your honeymoon, an anniversary, the birthday of your travel buddy, or you simply want to surprise your loved ones, the BORNÉO À LA CARTE team offers various ideas and arrangements to celebrate the occasion and create precious memories.

Culture & cuisine – Cooking at a local home

You would like to learn about Malaysian cuisine, cooking techniques and the usage of Asian ingredients and spices? We offer the unique opportunity to experience a cooking class in a different way! Learn and experience hands-on how to prepare a typical local dish in the intimate setting of a private family home!

‘Sape’ lesson with Mathew Ngau Jau

Mathew Ngau Jau is an artist from the ethnic group of Orang Ulu and a great defender of the Dayak culture. He is famous for hand-crafting, playing, as well as teaching ‘sape’, a traditional guitar-like music instrument from the Orang Ulu tribe.

‘Iru’ programme – Becoming part of an Iban community

There is this term in Iban: ‘iru’. It means adopted. It’s a centuries-old practice by the Ibans, that in case a couple cannot have any children, they will ask to adopt a child from relatives or friends. With our 15 days Iru Programme (adoption programme), we offer you the truly unique opportunity to be adopted by an Iban longhouse community! You will stay with different families and get yourself involved in their daily life.