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Temporary Closure of the old building of the Sarawak Museum

The old building of the Sarawak Museum’s complex, housing the Ethnology Museum, will be temporarily closed for much needed renovation and refurbishment works. It was in urgent need of physical conservation, especially the roof which had multiple leaks, as well as upgrading of mechanical and electrical services.
Built in 1891 during the reign of the second ‘White Rajah’ Sir Charles Brooke, the old Sarawak Museum is one of the most renowned museums in Southeast Asia thanks to several famous naturalists, scientists and researchers who have contributed to the exhibitions and collections over the centuries.
The renovation and refurbishment works are scheduled to be completed by early 2020.
In the meanwhile, the ‘Urang Sarawak’ Gallery, located in the same area of the Sarawak Museum’s complex, remains open to visitors and is a great alternative. It showcases the culture, traditions and spiritual beliefs of Sarawak’s diverse ethnic groups and gives an insight into the historic developments of Sarawak.
Also worth a visit are the various other museums in Kuching under the Sarawak Museum’s Department, such as the Textile Museum, the Islamic Heritage Museum and the Chinese History Museum. And not to forget the excellent galleries under the Brooke’s Trust, namely ‘Brooke Gallery’ and ‘Ranee: Margaret of Sarawak’, which tell the unique story of the Brooke family and the foundations of the kingdom of Sarawak!