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Great new adventures

BORNÉO À LA CARTE is excited to announce that we have many great new adventure tours waiting for you this year!


First we would like to introduce you to our new Waterfall Adventure excursion! Enjoy a day of jungle trekking, a refreshing bath in a waterfall and a typical native lunch surrounded by spectacular rainforest scenery!
Have a look at the itinerary HERE.




Another amazing adventure is our new product “Bako National Park & Lakei Island”!
Are you up for a real Robinson Crusoe experience? And you love rainforest treks in search of wildlife? Then this tour is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!
Check out the itineraries on our webpage for the two different options of the 2 days or 3 days tour.




For mountain lovers we have great news as well! We are now offering tours to “Ba’Kelalan – the Northern Highlands”!
The area of Ba’Kelalan comprises of 9 villages inhabited by the ethnic group of the Lun Bawang, one of the Orang Ulu tribes in Sarawak. At an altitude of about 900 metres above sea level the climate is much cooler here and the forest vegetation is different from the lowland rainforests. There are no hotels up here as Ba’Kelalan is off the beaten treks of the regular tourism destinations. Accommodation in rustic yet quaint local homestays, home-cooked meals made from organic local farm and jungle produce, as well as the friendly hospitality of the natives make a stay at Ba’Kelalan a truly enjoyable getaway.
And if you are fit and adventurous you can take up the challenge to climb “Mount Murud – Highest mountain of Sarawak”!
Have a look at the itineraries for Ba’Kelalan and the Mount Murud climb!




Another exciting new addition to our products is the tour “Ulu Ai – In Search of wild Orang Utans”.
The area of Ulu Ai is adjacent to the Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to the biggest population of wild orang utans in Sarawak. Together with the Indonesian Betung Kerihun National Park it forms the largest trans-border national park in Borneo. A trip to Ulu Ai offers you the rare opportunity to experience one of the probably most pristine rainforests left in Borneo. And with a bit of luck you may get to see orang utans and other primates, as well as sun bears, barking deer or wild boars.
Tours to Ulu Ai are available as a 4-day option and a 6-day option, whereas the later covers a wider area of the region and therefore increases your chances to spot orang utans and other wildlife.
Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Then check out the new 4 days and 6 days tour to Ulu Ai!




Lush green rainforest, pristine beaches fringing turquoise-blue sea, cascading waterfalls and stunning animal encounters – our new package to the Western coast of Sarawak offers nature at its best for travellers seeking an off-the-beaten track experience!
Check out the itinerary of the fantastic tour “Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Tanjung Datu & Gading National Park – Sarawak’s wonderful Flora & Fauna” HERE.




With our new package “Sibu & Mukah – Central Sarawak Explorer” we bring travelers to a less visited part of Sarawak. From Sibu, the gateway to Sarawak’s interior, you will travel off the beaten tracks to a Melanau village. The Melanaus are one of the most celebrated ethnic tribes in Sarawak, known for their gentle, loving nature and seafaring skills.
This package can also be combined with our Iban longhouse tours, which makes for an interesting overland journey from Kuching all the way to Sibu and Mukah!
Have a look at the itinerary HERE.




For nature lovers we also offer tours to the Borneo Highlands now. Thanks to its altitude this area features a different ecosystem than any of the other national parks or nature reserves within the vicinity of Kuching.
Especially for birdwatchers it is a destination not to be missed. With more than 650 recorded species of birds, Borneo is a real birdwatcher’s paradise. The Borneo Highlands area is one of the best destinations near Kuching for birdwatching, with several endemic species which are only found here.
Check out the itineraries for the two different options of a 2 days or 3 days tour to “Semenggoh Nature Reserve & Borneo Highlands” on our webpage.




An enormous cave system in Permian limestone awaits to be explored! The caves found here are amongst the most beautiful anywhere and belong on the list of places you must see before you die! Through cracks and holes in the cave ceiling, sun rays are channelled into the cave and illuminate the cave walls. Depending on the intensity and angle of the sun rays hitting the jade-like surface of the cave walls, they seem to shine in different colours of green, blue and purple. A truly enchanting and breath-taking spectacle of nature!
HERE you will find the itinerary for the exciting new adventure excursion “Silabur Cave – the Jade Cave of Sarawak”.





Enjoy browsing through our new tours and excursions and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information! We would be happy to tailor the perfect itinerary for your travel plans to Borneo! Just send us an e-mail ( or get in touch with us right HERE via our webpage.