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Iban longhouse experience, mountain trekking & jungle camping

You will be picked up from your hotel at 06:30 am to depart on a 4-5 hours’ drive to the foothill of the mystical mountain of Bukit Sadok in Betong district. This will be the starting point of a jungle trek* through rainforest and farmland of rubber trees, pepper and other local spices. The destination of your challenging hike is the summit of Bukit Sadok and the traditional Iban longhouse of Siba.
The Ibans are one of the native tribes in Sarawak, formerly known as fierce headhunters. Nowadays, the Ibans are peaceful people, welcoming visitors to have an insight into their traditional way of living.
The Siba longhouse comprises of 14 families, most of them still practising animism, even if some have converted to Christianity. Their daily routine consists of farming, hunting and fishing. Immerse yourself in the communal life of the Ibans by joining their daily activities, enjoy some jungle trekking and cool off in waterfalls surrounded by amazing rainforest scenery.
Your 3 nights’ stay in the longhouse will be hosted by one of the families. Enjoy meals made of local farm and jungle products with your host family!
In the evenings you will be able to witness amazing sunsets from the longhouse veranda or spend your time in the ‘ruai’ (common area of a longhouse), listening to the stories being told by the villagers.
The beds provided are simple mattresses on the floor. Sanitary facilities are very basic and there is no hot water.
On the second evening you have the option to spend a night in the jungle (camping equipment provided). A truly unforgettable experience!
Return* to Kuching on the fourth day. Tour ends with transfer to your hotel (estimated arrival at 06:30 pm).

* Note:
There are several ways to reach from the foothill to the longhouse and vice versa:
1) Trek including climb of Bukit Sadok (6-7 hours trek)
2) Direct trek to the longhouse without climbing the summit (3-4 hours trek)

3) Off-road drive by 4WD-vehicle (subject to whether conditions; not possible during heavy rain)